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Upstairs Bathroom

My current project is rebuilding (yes rebuild, not remodel) the upstairs bathroom. Ok, well, it USED to be a bathroom. Grandma figured that she needed storage space more than she needed a bathroom upstairs, so she had my uncle remove all of the old fixtures. Tub, sink, toilet, all gone!
Upstairs bathroom before rebuild.
Upstairs bathroom floor before rebuild.
You can see where things used to be. The plumbing was also disconnected. Eventually, I’ll replumb the entire house, but this bathroom needs to be in shape first. No sense in routing new plumbing until I’m certain where things are going to be. Here are some pictures of the demolition phase of the work.
Upstairs bathroom demo.
This is looking in the opposite direction from the previous pictures. The wall stub on the right is a bit of a worrysome thing. I’m not sure exactly what to do with it yet. My thoughts right now are to remove half of it and make a little vanity area for Tab. We’ll see as I get the debris cleared away and can start thinking about where the various fixtures are going to go.


We’re making progress! The bathtub and shower and plumbed, in place, and leak-free! Still no other fixtures or walls, but at least we can bathe without having to contend with the spiders down in the basement. :P
New tub and shower.

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