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The Dining Room

Tab and I decided that we didn’t want to travel all over the place this Christmas if we could help it, so we invited the family over to our house. Little did I understand at the time what that meant! Our house is certainly large enough to handle a couple dozen guests, but until very recently it had been more job-site than real home. Its not that there are walls missing and bare studs showing or anything like that, (well, except for the upstairs bathroom) but the house is old and many of the rooms were a bit run down. Also, what was really missing from the house was a genuine dining room. Here’s the pictures of the dining room before it was a dining room.

Prefix view of the fireplace room looking west

Prefix view of the fireplace room looking south

Before we had the family over for Christmas, we really needed a proper dining room, and preferably without the super ugly wallpaper. Well, no problem, right? The wall paper in the upstairs bedrooms and in the kitchen came off easily enough. As it turned out, the wallpaper what was to become the dining room was a royal pain!! Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the partially stripped wall, so you’ll have to take my word for it. The wallpaper was placed over textured plaster and the walls underneath looked absolutely nasty! I know, the proper way to have fixed this would have been with a crow bar and a sledge hammer then hang drywall. I didn’t have the time nor money, though. What I did have on hand was a bunch of sanding pads and some joint compound! :D I sanded a lot of the texture down and used the joint compound to fill in the bigger gaps and irregularities in the plaster.

Now that the walls were fixed and primed, it came time for the paint. This is where Tab and her great sense of interior design come into play. She had the great idea of putting up a picture rail and choosing a chocolate brown, a tan, and a cream for the colors. We got further inspiration for the ceiling from the Bingham-Waggoner Estate in Independence, MO. They had picture rails all through the mansion, and they drew the wall color above the picture rail up onto the ceiling to a hand-painted border. Well, I’m not going to do any hand-painted border, but I did run the cream color from the picture rail up to the ceiling and into a piece of trim. It managed the same effect with less cursing and swearing from me.

Picture rail and ceiling detail

With help from Tab’s folks, we got the house cleaned up and the dining room all set and ready for the big family Christmas dinner. :) Everything went very well, and everyone liked the picture rail idea. Here’s the pictures of the finished room right before our dinner.

The finished dining room facing west

The finished dining room facing south

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