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New Plumbing

Tab’s dad came over during my spring break and helped me replumb my entire house! :D I wish I’d been thinking and took pictures of the old plumbing before we ripped it out. It was a mess. There were zig-zags everywhere and a mix of just about every type of plumbing used during the last century. The first task was to rip the old plumbing out, and that took an entire day. The next day we started at the main and began running the cold water pipes. That went very smooth, we only had two leaks, and they were fixed easily. The next day, I put in the hot water pipes and things went even smoother! No leaks at all!! w00t! I still have to redo the drain piping, but that won’t be so tough. It will be nasty, but not as difficult. Anyay, here are some pictures.

Water filter and softener bypass
Here’s the whole-house water filter we put in. Man is it nice! It’s not a super robust filter, but it keeps the rocks out. The other convolution of pipes and valves there is a bypass for a future water softener. I figured that while I was at the plumbing, I might as well build in the bypass. Its easier to do it now rather than later. The vertical stub you see was Mike’s idea. Its a trapped air column that acts as a shock absorber to prevent the pipes from vibrating.

Water header
This is a new thing for this house. SHUT OFF VALVES! :D There was exactly four previously. The main, one on the hot side of the water heater, and two for the mud-room sink that has a leaky drain anyway. I color coded the valves were I could. You can also see some of the old galvanized plumbing there in the background.

Washer taps
There’s also new taps for the washing machine right next to the dryer. I need to run a drainline first, but the supply lines are inplace and ready to go.

Under the kitchen sink
Well, I ended up doing drain work earlier than I’d expected. I was under the sink putting in shut-off valves for the faucet, and I bumped into the old drainpipes. …damn. So back to Orschelen’s we went to get a new drain kit. I think I spent more in gas running back and forth to the hardware store than I did in actual supplies! Well, the new drain is in and works well, as do the shut-offs. In the background you can see the shut-offs for the lines running to the washing machine where it is now in the first-floor bathroom. When we take the washer downstairs, those lines will feed a shower. I used compression fittings for those shut-offs just because I felt uncomfortable being in that tight of a space with a torch. I’m not that good with a torch.

More pictures to follow when I get the drains completed.

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