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Kitchens and bathrooms are the worst! They’re the most expensive, and they’re the biggest pain in the butt! We’re still not finished with our new kitchen, but we’re making head way. To establish a baseline, here’s what the kitchen looked like before we started working on it.

Old kitchen looking north

Old kitchen looking south

The cabinet face frames are ok, but the doors were a little rough. We didn’t do anything fancy yet. In time, I’ll build some new cabinet doors, but for now, we just painted them a semi-gloss white and painted the existing hardware a flat black. Our stove up and died right before Christmas, as Tab blogged about earlier, so we had to get a new one. Here’s a pic of the cabinets and our new stove.

New kitchen facing north

Also in that picture you can see the new floor that’s mostly finished. I still need to move the china cabinet and the fridge to lay down the last tiles, but everything else is done. The old floor was absolutely nasty! It was dried out, cracked, and pitted. It was also impossible to get really clean, so there was no 5 second rule in our kitchen. We bought the same brand of peel-n-stick tiles as we used in the bathroom, except we chose the 18″ tiles instead of the 12″ tiles because of the bigger space.

New kitchen floor
We painted the walls after removing the wallpaper and the corner cabinet, and put up a coat rack next to the door. Yes, I know our door is nasty. Its on the list of things to be replaced. Please forgive my photography. Its a dark and stormy day and our camera is old. Also, I have no idea why it looks like I was using a Fuzzy-Chick filter.

New kitchen looking south
We moved the computer and desk to the office, and Mom gave us her old china cabinet. As it happens, it fits perfectly in this corner of the kitchen.

China cabinet hand-me-down
Lastly, we had some fun with the sofit above the cabinets. Instead of painting them white or the green of the walls, we used a black chalkboard paint. Now everyone that comes over signs the kitchen. :) Its fun to look up at the sofit and remember some of the parties we’ve had. It makes a fun place to display our growing collection of metal signs.

Kitchen chalkboard

Beware!  Poker players and loose women have been known to frequent this establishment!

We’re still working, and have a lot yet to do. We need a new fridge desperately, and we need a new countertop and sink. The counter top we’ll build ourselves from 1×2 hardwood. Once we have that done, we may build an island/breakfast bar. We’ll see how motivated we are by that time.

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