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Downstairs Bathroom

We had planned on remodeling the main floor bathroom at some point and putting in a shower stall, but when Tab broke her leg, we had to do it sooner than expected. She was in a cast and wheel chair for a long while, and although we have two showers in the house, neither one is on the main floor. Originally, there was a bathtub in the house, but that was before the basement was added to the house. The basement stairs took up room that was used for the tub, and grandma put the washing machine there instead. She did all of her drying on the line. This meant that the main floor bathroom was only a 1/2 bath. You can see the corner of the washing machine on the right.
Pre-remodel bathroom

The plaster in the room was absolute crap, so we stripped the old walls right down to the studs and prepared to hang new sheetrock. What really surprised us was what we found inside the walls! Tab wrote all about this in her post Trashy Walls. While we were in a demolishing mood, we also widened the opening to the closet from the tiny little door to a full-width opening with a curtain.
Demolishing the old plaster walls
What's that in the wall?

We installed a 48″ shower stall that’s the same style as the tub and shower we installed upstairs. With the new wall blocking the window light, and the only other light in the bathroom coming from the lights above the vanity on the other side of the new wall, we needed something for the shower. Since the ceilings in the main floor of our house are 8′ 6″, we had plenty of room to drop an enclosure for a recessed can light. Having that additional illumination really helps out!
Freshly installed shower
New shower light
Rewired vanity lights

The floor was pretty beat up and water damaged in some places. We tore out the rotten floor and patched it with plywood. Then I put a concrete skim coat over the whole mess to fill all of the cracks and gaps. Over that, we put a peel-n-stick vinyl tile product that we saw at Lowe’s and were impressed with. We were even more impressed when we saw it installed in a kitchen and bathroom. Its quite a bit thicker than your typical tile, and significantly more rugged and durable.
New floor

So here’s the final product. All of the trim is up, all of the fixtures are in place, and all of the new supply lines and drains work with no leaks. :D …oh, and we got a new sign for the door.
Washroom sign
Finished bathroom
Finished vanity
Finished shower

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