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Vegas: Day 4

Our last day in Vegas and at the Bellagio was very uneventful. That’s a good thing! Check-out went very smooth, our shuttle was a little late, but not by much, and check-in at the Southwest Airlines desk went smooth. It almost didn’t. Our main suitcase was 54 pounds, and they have a 50 lb. limit before they charge a $25 surcharge. We rapidly redistributed some weight between the two bags we were checking and got the weight down to 52 lbs. The ticket agent was kind enough to forgive the extra two pounds since we made a good effort. :P

We couldn’t resist the pull of the slots, and ended up putting $15 in two different machines. Tab ended up breaking even, and I lost $5. :( She’s been luckier than I all week long. I should have brought her to the poker table. One thing we noticed about Vegas that was extremely odd is that there are no public benches or seats anywhere! None of the hotel lobbies had seats except for the Bellagio, none of the casino’s had seating areas, there were no benches on Freemont St., even the airport was devoid of seating except right at each gate. Well, I take that back. There were plenty of seats, but none without a slot machine in front of them and a sign saying, “Seats reserved for slot players only.”

Our flight back was packed! We ended up being crammed in line sardines, but such is Southwest. As usual, all of the staff was very nice and helpful, and our luggage made the trip unscathed. We guessed right this time and sat on the right side of the plane to see the Grand Canyon! :D Other than that, our flight was uneventful, and we finally got back home at 1:00am. Boy are we tired!

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